Whats SOSH I hear you ask? To be honest, it doesn’t mean anything. Basically every Friday and Saturday from 10:30 to check-in (11:15) we go to our SOSH (it can mean social) gym and dance and listen to music and socialise, thats all. We have various DJ’s in our school who play music for you and its sometimes really fun, but you have to be in the right mood (which is basically full of energy and in for a laugh) for SOSH or else you won’t enjoy it. Most of the time its really enjoyable and A LOT of people go to it. It’s a good way of getting to know people and meet new people if you haven’t already got to know them. I don’t go to SOSH that often considering most of the time I want to stay in the house with my friends and talk or go house hopping to see who is in there house and socialise with them.


First Year Show

The First Year show is where our second years get on stage and make fun of all the First Years in their house. They can steal your clothes without you knowing and they are very good at imitating you. Our second years went very easy on us.

Jowy and I were imitated as being very close to each other and never leaving each other side and always screaming when we saw each other (not true) but very funny hahahaha. Other in the house were imitated as they were rappers because they could rap (Jordan) or not smiling EVER (Marcus). They had also videoed us before saying silly things, then taking some of our replies and putting silly and wrong questions to it.

Other houses did skits like who stole the milk and it was a very good and funny night. At the end of the year, We the first years get to make fun of our second years and we have already started planning what we are going to do.

UWC Festival

The UWC Festival was organised by two members of the school to celebrate the UWC’s around the world. Each house was given a continent and had to make food from that continent. Tice was given South American so we made vegetarian quesadilla which were amazing and Sunley were given North America (they made pancakes). I am not sure about the other houses as I was not able to visit them as I was pretty sure all the food would have run out by the time I arrived. The day was filled with games, music and bondings.

Fortunately my family also came to visit me that day so my day was filled with waiting in anticipation. When they arrived it was a short visit but they said hello to my dorm mates and other members of the school, dropped of food and snacks and left.

Considering my family lives in London, it wasn’t too much of a problem for them to visit me as they wanted to. And it was only a 3 hour drive but took them longer as they got lost on the way. Either way the day for me was really enjoyable as i got to taste a lot of food and see my family at the same time.

My Mother Visiting

So my mother visited me at AC, which meant cleaning my corner and making everything look clean as possible. When she arrived with my Uncle, they took us (Jordan, Jowy and myself) out to the nearest pub to eat lunch where we bonded over a roast lunch. It was good seeing my mother as I hadn’t seen her in a while.

When we got back to campus, Jordan ran of to film things for the Social Justice conference. And Jowy and I decided to give her a tour of the campus, which mean’t introducing her to people in the house, going down to the sea front, giving a tour of the castle and walking down the dreaded M4 (pathway from Tice to the rest of the school).

Unfortunately we had to hurry off because we had to finish work for the social justice conference and they also had to go, so we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I really enjoyed my mother visiting me as it had been a long time since I last saw her.

My Subjects and Schedule

The IB requires everyone to take 6 subjects, 1 from the humanities, 1 from the sciences, 1 from the maths, 1 from languages A (mother language) and 1 from language B (language you want to study) and 1 from the arts (but if you do not want to do an art, you can either take 2 Language A’s, 2 Sciences (which I take), 2 Humanities).

My Subjects are:

HL (Higher Level):

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Global Politics

SL (Standard Level)

  • Maths
  • English Lang Lit
  • French Ab Intio

and TOK (Theory of Knowledge) which is an extra subject the IB requires all students to do (it doe not fall under the HL or SL category)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 TOK English Biology Free Chemistry
2 Biology Chemistry Free Global Politics Biology
3 Assembly Chemistry Free Global Politics Biology
4 Free French TOK Biology TOK
5 Maths Global Politics Global Politics Chemistry Free
6 Chemistry Maths French English Maths
7 Activity Service Service Activity Global Politics
8  Activity Service Service Activity English
9 Activity  Activity Activity Activity French

This is my Schedule. It really isn’t as bad as it looks. Each code (class) is 45 minutes long (day begins at 8 and ends at 1:35 from Mondays to Thursdays). For Higher Level codes you have them 5 times a week and you’ll have a double code meaning you’ll have 2 times in 1 day and Standard Codes you have them 3 times a day. After classes, we have our Activity or Service (my service are on Wednesday and Tuesdays (as mentioned in a previous blog post). The Activities can range from different times such as 4 – 5:30 or 6:30-8, so it really does vary on your activity. My days after school aren’t always busy so I have time to do other things.

If you have any questions regarding the subjects or schedule don’t be afraid to ask me questions as I will be willing to answer.

Llantwit and Cardiff

So you’ve all probably wondered if there are any places close to AC.

Yes ahahaha. The closest town from our school is Llantwit. It is about a 45 minute walk from our school. (As a person who hates exercise, it really doesn’t feel like 45 minutes). It doesn’t have too many shops, but it has the essentials, like Boots (a cosmetic shops), Co-op (Groceries), Banks and Cafes. I myself have taken many trips to Llantwit with my co-years to buy food and other things but mostly to stock up on food and snacks. I only leave AC campus when its an emergency. Most my two other friends (Jordan and Jowy) have food so we share our food with each other and just talk about random things. haha

Most of the time to get to Llantwit we take the bus or we hitchhike, this is safe considering most of the people leaving AC or go in the directions of AC are teachers.

Cardiff is about an hour away by train away from AC. Cardiff as you can imagine is a big city filled with a lot of shops. And as the city girl that I am it feels good going into the city and being filled around shops and feeding my eyes (not buying) on anything that I like. haha. But I will admit I do enjoying not being in the city as its much calmer and you can hear yourself think. But occasionally its nice to be in the city again.


Our Tice house has now been completed with all our first years arriving.

We had two of our first years arrive late, one from Bangladesh (a guy) and the other (a girl) from Syria but lived in Lebanon. The second one to arrive is my roommate and it final feels amazing to have my dorm complete. And the first to arrive is one of my now closest friends at AC.

As a Tice First year group, I feel like we have become much more closer as the months have progressed. We all know each other really well and have established a bond that will last a long time (hopefully).

Upon the arrival of both students, we tried to give them the same welcome we got on the first day, which was a bunch of students gathered around the main gate, shouting and banging on pots and pans, waving their national flags and looking colourful as ever. Although it was just the Tice house I think we succeeded in giving them an amazing welcome.

My Chinese dorm mate and myself went to pick up our final member of our dorm from London Heathrow Airport. This meant waking up at 5am to go and pick her up at 10. Although we waited for about an hour and 45 minutes, we saw her and started waving the UWC flag, but before we could introduce ourselves we took her bag and ran to the bus because we thought we were about to miss it. We fed her lunch that we bought earlier and introduced ourselves properly and updated her on all that she needed to know about UWC.

Once they arrived, they were bombarded with students from other houses welcoming them in their national language. It was a stressful day but it was amazing meeting two amazing Tice members who have made an impact in the Tice First Years Life.

Joining My Activities

OMG SO SORRY!! Its been a while since my last post and I am really sorry, I have been so busy. But I am holiday and I am going to try and finish it writing about my first term.

My Activities have involved:

  • Yoga
    • Which is self explanatory. After school you meet with a yoga teacher and do Yoga for about an hour.
  • Eco-Warriors
    • This is were a bunch of students meet together to watch documentaries regarding the environment and have a discussion about it after and talk about how we can make improvements.
  • MUN
    • Model United Nations is every Wednesday, Students are given a world issue and a country to discuss. After dinner, we have debates and create with resolutions so we can solve these issues.
  • Peace and Conflict
    • This is a mandatory activity. It where students gather straight after school and talk about peace and conflict around the world and talk about our personal experiences.

There are other Activities available to us, but these are the ones that I chose. Every 2 months we chose 2 activities then, when those 2 months are done we chose 2 other activities. The Activities have to go under a faculty.

I have really enjoyed my activities so far as it has given me a better and deeper understanding of world issues surrounding us.

Social Justice Conference

So the Social Justice Conference is a conference that happens every year for the first years. Guest Speakers from around the UK come to AC to talk to us about how we could make a difference. The theme was inequality and I think it was portrayed really well as most of the most of the workshops dealt with how certain countries face different inequality issues.


This year we were lucky enough to have Uzo Iwobi, who is an advocate for racial equality in the UK, mostly Wales. She is a very inspirational woman, who came from Nigeria to Swansea seeking her dream to study Law. She talked a lot about how she went from job to job and struggled many jobs and discrimination due to her gender and her race. She talked about how she worked in Lays and how she was treated differently from the rest of the workers, but one day decided it was time for a change.  This affected her home life and she wouldn’t get home until late at night. Her speech and her as a person are truly inspirational as being a girl of a different race showed me that she never gave up and how if you truly want to succeed you can’t give up even though you may be of a different race.

Another speaker was Ruth Ibeguna, she is the founder of an NGO called RECLAIM which helps support youth across greater Manchester in their studies. She talked about how when she was young, she wanted to change her community and make it a better place for the youth growing up. She then decided to start her own organisation in her community which personally i think is really inspirational. She showed how we can impact our community and make a difference in our own place.


During the 3 day conference we had 2 workshops, I went to the workshop on Disabilities in Ghana and A local charity in Barry that works with young people. Both workshops were really insightful especially the workshop about Disabilities in Ghana. As we talked about how our countries deal with people with disabilities we looked at Ghana and see the way they were treated which was really upsetting. From both the workshops in enjoyed the Disabilities in Ghana.


During the second day of the conference we were all invited to show case our talents ( I did not as I have no talent to show of in the space of 2 minutes). We were divided into 4 groups and within those groups people performed songs, poems and monologues. But as we ran out of talent or people willing to volunteer, we all divided into smaller groups and talked and got to know each other although most of us already knew each other, it was a great bonding.


At the end of the conference, each house had to present an equality of their choice in front of the whole first year group. Tice (my house) did ours on the LGBTQ community, we made a video and danced to “We are all in this together” – By High School Musical but changed the lyrics. The other houses were really interesting, as they varied from Women’s educations to the caste system in India.

All together, the conference was really enjoyable, I got to know a lot of people and learn’t a lot through most of the workshops and the speeches that were given. Overall my favourite one House Presentation as everyone in Tice (especially) showcased their talents and their views on the situation. It was really insightful and informative as a whole which I really enjoyed.

Faculty and Service Group

Hey There!!

So this blog post I am going to talk about my Faculty and the Service that I am in. So with AC (Atlantic College) we have 4 different faculties; Social Justice, Global, Outdoor and Environmental. All these facilities have different services within them. I am in the Global Faculty meaning we come up with solutions on a Global scale whether it being in the UK or somewhere else in the world.

The service I do is going to the local compressive school in Llantwit and teaching Year 7’s geography after our codes are finished. It is really fun especially talking to little kids who seem to have a lot of energy. We seem to get on quite well considering we are from the same country. The UK.

We got to pick what faculty we wanted to be in, my first choice was social justice, then Global, but I think I enjoy my faculty a lot as it ranges from doing a lot of different service activities.

I do not know what else to say about this topic, but if you have any questions please ask by commenting.

See Ya